Hall of Fame

The Director of the Year Awards recognize corporate directors for their outstanding dedication to the highest ideals of leadership in the boardroom.



Jeff Brown – Early Stage Companies
Chris Cox – Corporate Governance
Bonnie Hill – Lifetime Achievement
Amal Johnson – Corporate Growth & Development
Sara Lewis – Corporate Leadership & Service


Roxanne Austin – Corporate Leadership & Service
Gary Hunt – Corporate Growth & Development
Doug Ingram – Enhancement of Economic Value
Betsy McLaughlin – Early Stage Companies
Suzanne Nora Johnson – Corporate Governance


Kimberly Alexy – Corporate Growth & Development
Frank Biondi – Lifetime Achievement
Tom Davin – Enhancement of Economic Value
Martha Marsh – Corporate Governance
Elias Sabo – Early Stage Companies


Michael Gallagher – Enhancement of Economic Value
Janet Kerr – Corporate Governance
William Link – Early Stage Companies
Orin Smith – Corporate Growth & Development
Ronald Sugar – Lifetime Achievement


Gavin Herbert – Lifetime Achievement
Enrique Hernandez – Corporate Governance
Jay Shepherd – Early Stage Companies
Susan G. Swenson – Corporate Growth & Development


Robert A. Eckert – Corporate Leadership & Service
Parker S. Kennedy – Corporate Citizenship
Barbara N. Lubash – Early Stage Companies
Ronald L. Merriman – Corporate Governance
Alain Monié – Enhancement of Economic Value


Jacqueline Barton – Corporate Growth & Development
Leslie Stone Heisz – Corporate Governance
Jacqueline Kosecoff – Corporate Leadership & Service
Scott McGregor – Enhancement of Economic Value
Augie Nieto – Corporate Citizenship


Maurice DeWald – Corporate Governance
Robert Ingram – Lifetime Achievement
Jeff Kearl – Early Stage Companies
John Major – Corporate Growth & Development
William Thompson – Corporate Leadership & Service
William Wang – Enhancement of Economic Value


Douglas K. Ammerman – Corporate Governance
Monica Lozano – Corporate Growth & Development
Thomas E. Pardun – Corporate Leadership & Service
Sheldon Razin – Enhancement of Economic Value
Murray E. Rudin – Early Stage Companies


Scott Garrett – Enhancement of Economic Value
Randall R. Lunn – Early Stage Companies
Thomas McKernan – Corporate Citizenship
Scott Mercer – Corporate Leadership & Service
Joseph Sullivan – Corporate Growth & Development


Hank Adler – Corporate Governance
Neil Dimick – Corporate Leadership & Service
Thomas Madden – Corporate Growth & Development
Matthew Witte – Early Stage Companies
Dean Yoost – Enhancement of Economic Value


Barbara Alexander – Corporate Governance
Bala Iyer – Corporate Growth and Development
Jeanne Jackson – Corporate Leadership & Service
Glenn Schafer – Enhancement of Economic Value
Luis Villalobos – Early Stage Companies


John Cardis – Corporate Governance
John Grundhofer – Lifetime Achievement
Linda F. Levinson – Corporate Leadership & Service
Fernando Niebla – Corporate Citizenship
James Peterson – Corporate Growth & Development


Byron Allumbaugh – Corporate Leadership & Service
George Argyros – Lifetime Achievement
Janet Davidson – Corporate Citizenship
Larry Higby – Corporate Governance
Harry Lambert – Early Stage Companies
Matt Massengill – Corporate Growth & Development
Howard Phanstiel – Enhancement of Economic Value


Vilma S. Martinez, Esq. – Companies in Transition
James Mazzo – Economic Value
Michael Mussallem – Corporate Growth
William Popejoy – Corporate Citizenship
Don Milder – Early Stage Companies


Dwight Decker – Companies In Transition
Eugene Goda – Economic Value
Joe Kiani – Corporate Growth
Henry Samueli – Corporate Citizenship
Drew Senyei – Early Stage Companies
Peter Ueberroth – Corporate Governance


Frederick Haney
Sam Inman
Don Kennedy
Gen. William Lyon
Betsy Sanders
John Shaw
Ralph Whitworth


John Clendenin
Kimberly Cripe
HK Desai
David G. Hanna
David Pyott
Henry Segerstrom
John Tu


Franklin Brown
Mike Feng,
Paul Folino
Chuck Haggerty
Safi Qureshey
Ray Watson


Donald Beall
Arnold Beckman
David Berkus
William Drobish
Michael Henson
Carol Miltner
Ted Smith


Dick Allen
Louis Delmonico
David Dukes
Bruce Edwards
Linder Charlie Hobbs
James Rosse


Kathryn Braun
J. Michael Hagan
Alan Hoops
Jay Kear
Jerre Stead
Sam Yau


James Doti
William Foley, II
Terry Hartshorn
Robert Hoff
Julie Newcomb-Hill
Thomas Yuen


1995 & Prior

William Conlin
Peter Craig
David Holder
Gary Liebl
Charles Martin
Joseph Prevratil


In 2005 the numbering of the award years was changed to align with current year achievement as opposed to prior year which explains the ostensible lack of a listing for 2004.